Product Lines we Represent

Grid Bee offers a full line of water and wastewater mixing solutions.  In addition we can offer solutions for lagoon mixing and THM removal

The Ecodur 201 coating is the next generation in industrial coatings.  This green coating is more durable and cheaper to install than traditional epoxies.

The Egger Turo pump is twice as efficient as all other grit pumps on the market.  The Egger Iris blower control valve offers true control and 20% energy savings.

Teekay pipe couplings provide a reliable seal with two screws in two minutes.  The repair couplings allow for installation even when under pressure.

Fairfield Services manufactures a fiull line of Bar Screens and Headworks equipment. (available only in Virginia)

Full line of wastewater submersible pumps from Xylem.

Sydex provides Progressive Cavity Pumps, both OEM units and replacement parts.  They also provide an inline macerator and a grit conveyor system.

Metering pumps for chemical feed service.

Onsite generation of Sodium Hypochlorite and mixed oxidants. (available in VA only)

Ozone Generators featuring modular design and higher yields.

Wastecorp is the leading supplier of Sewage Plunger Pumps.  They also supply a full line of self priming pumps and packages.

Submersible wastewater pumps featuring an innovative non-clog impeller. (available in VA only)

Innovative wastewater pumpstation design with inline variable speed pumps.  Unique impeller designs allows pump to switch from vortex design to chopper design upon reverse operation.  No wetwell required!

Full line of residential grinder pumps for sewage service.

Innovative Wastewater Package Plants for flows below 100,000 GPD

Full line of water service pumps; splitcase, vertical turbine, multistage, stacked stainless steel.

Precise replacement cores for EONE grinder pumps.

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